Visit Rwanda and Experience Mother Nature

Visit Rwanda

A thousand years ago, the world was virgin in that it was covered with natural features from flowing rivers, serene lakes, fertile bare land, flora and fauna, mountain painted with green cover to glaciers all white but it is a pity this is no more. Human settlements have ruined the environment everything is manmade as skyscrapers, locomotives and industries have eaten the space where amazing natural physical features.

I guess everyone on this lovely earth would love to taste the natural environment, an atmosphere where is no air pollution, noise and sophisticated things, the world where you feel you are reborn and emotionally and physically close to nature and an environment where tranquility is at its best, organic food, good scenic view and wonderful animals in presence are what everyone yearns for. That natural environment can be encountered when you take up a Rwanda safari. Rwanda is one of the countries in the world tipped as mama nature. This is a country in possession of rolling hills enchanted with green cover from east to west. The cutting edge of these forested hills are the rare species of flora and fauna that dwell in it.

Nature in Africa varies from different region due to the different climatic conditions and also the landscape. When one goes around different countries he/she will see something different nature based from the other. But there is always that unique nature that excites and blows the traveler’s mind. Rwanda is one of those countries that have unique nature with amazing landscapes and rare species of animals.

A tour in Rwanda drives a tourist to encounter the mountain gorillas in the forested Virunga ranges. Mountain gorillas are one of the most interesting and exciting animals to watch in their natural settings. Mountain gorillas belong to the ape family meaning that they have some similarity with mankind. They have a 98% DNA similarity with man and when keenly observed, one can see how intelligent they are. These animals have a well organized family; respect for one another runs in accordance to the pecking order like humans. These animals also have the ability to use tools like tree branches to gather food or build a shelter.  These are the only wild animals mankind can get so close without any resistance or fear as these animals are peaceful and they get used to the presence of human thus living harmoniously with him. So Rwanda took up that opportunity of gorillas not being violent to mankind and came up with a tourism activity gorilla trekking whereby people are able to meet the mountain gorillas in 7 meter distance in their natural environment. This is really a lifetime experience, an experience that one cannot get with any other animals other than the gorillas.

Rwanda also has other primates other than the mountain gorillas that is the chimpanzees and the `different rare species of monkeys. These are found in the northwest of Rwanda in Nyungwe forest. These primates are unique in their own way especially the chimpanzees that also belong to the ape family. The chimpanzees are also a beauty to watch since they are also intelligent and also have the ability to use the tools. However, the chimpanzees are quick and spend most of their time on trees and this makes interacting with them not so interesting.

As far as natural beauty goes, the landscape of the twin lakes of Burera and Ruhondo beats the odds. The scenic view is magnificent and makes one feel nature and free. These have a wonderful view that is good for photography. Social Medias that are facebook, instagram, twitter and snapchat among other can go crazy if one posts a picture from this tremendous landscape of the twin lakes in Rwanda.

Nature lovers, a rwanda tour is a most unique nature tour that makes one encounter unique landscapes and rare species of animals that cannot be easily found anywhere in the world.

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