Equatoria Guinea

When it comes to bucket list material, Equatorial Guinea should definitely make it. It’s country as yet unspoilt by mass tourism. Apart from the spectacularly beautiful scenery, it’s a country soaked in history, even though some of it may be macabre. It was a hub of the slave trade for both European and Africa countries.

Most visitors enter via Equatorial Guinea via its capitol city at Malabo International Airport. The largest cities in the country, Malabo and Bata offer most of the typical luxury tourist comforts. There are great opportunities to experience local culture, cuisine and markets.

If you wish to venture into nature, you will find some of the most beautiful scenery in Africa. Places like Monte Alen National Park, Bioko Island, Moca Valley and beaches of Ureca offers some very special closer encounters with nature

It may not be the easiest country to get into, unless you are from the USA. If so, you’ll automatically qualify for a visa. If not, you could find it the most frustrating visa application ever endured. That is why it makes sixth place on Gunnar Garfors’ list of the world’s 25 least visited countries in both 2013 and 2015. Recent government policies aimed at diversifying the economy may also ease these restrictions.